Bola Tangkas or commonly called as Mickey Mouse Card (MM Card) is a game that pits agility, foresight and the ability of players to read the path of cards issued by the machine to get the highest jackpot prize. The cards that will be issued by the machine are a total of 7 cards. Players will get a prize if they succeed in getting a certain combination of cards, the better card combination, the greater the reward.

To start playing, please select the table games you want in the list of tables that are available in the lobby. There are various categories of table games that can be chosen by players.

Players are required to Buy In advance in order to be able to take part in the game, the conversion value at the table game is 1 coin = IDR 100. If players want to buy in as much as 1,000 coins = IDR 100,000.

After successfully Buy-In, the next step is Coin-In by left clicking on the credit position or by pressing [+] on the keyboard. Then, players already can participate in this game which of course can also hone your dexterity as well.

Good news! You can play Bola Tangkas just by using the mouse and keyboard functions:

How to play using the mouse:

  • Left click to open / add card
  • Right-click to discard / discontinue the game

How to play with the keyboard:

  •  The buttons (1), (B), (N) button functions to bet (opening / adding cards)
  • The dot (.), (space) button functions to discard the card / discontinue the game
  • [+] button to do Coin-In
  • [-] button to do Coin-Out
  • (K) button to change Jackpot Full House plug selection

Easy steps to play Bola Tangkas:

  • First Step (A card with 2 open cards and 1 closed card appears)
  • Second Step (Addition of 1 card face up and 1 card face down)
  • Third Step (Addition of 1 card opened)
  • Fourth Step (Add 1 last card with an open position)

In addition to the Fourth Card sequence is the most important card in Bola Tangkas, because the Fourth Card is the key or determination of the type of combination of your cards, which is often called as the “DEALER CARD” or bandar card.

You will come out as a winner, if the total of the seven open cards results in one of the following card combinations:

  1. Ace Pair
  2. Two Pair (Pair 10)
  3. Three of a Kind
  4. Straight
  5. Flush
  6. Full House
  7. Four of a Kind
  8. Straight Flush
  9. Five of a Kind
  10. Royal Flush

The prize is depends on the card combination that you have, the table of the game you are selecting and the betting stage. Details of the prize value will be displayed on the game tables.

You can also get a TABLE BONUS if you win with a combination of Four of a Kind, Straight Flush, Five of a Kind or Royal Flush cards. The bonus table values are different for each game table and are listed in the game table list available in the lobby.